Department of Electrical Engineering

Semester 1

C. CodeCourse Title CHOutlineSection ResultsWebsite
MA111 Applied Calculus   Outline C,D  
ME105 Applied Mechanics   Outline    
ME105 English - I   Outline    
HM150 Islamic Studies   Outline E  
CS141 Programming Fundamentals   Outline A,B,C  
EE112 Workshop Practice   Outline A,A1,B,C,C1,E,D,D1  

Semester 3

C. CodeCourse Title CHOutlineSection ResultsWebsite
NS113 Chemistry for Engineers   Outline A,B,C,D  
NL113 Chemistry for Engineers lab     A,B,D1  
EE219 Digital Logic Design   Outline A,A.,A1,C,C1,D  
EL219 Digital Logic Design Lab   Outline A,A1,B,B1,C,D,C1,D1  
EE223 Electrical Network Analysis   Outline A,B,B1,C,D  
EL223 Electrical Network Analysis Lab   Outline A,A1,B,B1,C,C.,C1,C1.,D,D1,E,E1  
MS215 Engineering Ethics   Outline A,A.,A1,B,C,C.,C1,E  
MA210 Linear Algebra   Outline A,  
SS171 Pakistan Studies        

Semester 5

C. CodeCourse Title CHOutlineSection ResultsWebsite
ME322 Applied Thermodynamics   Outline A,B,B1,C,D,E  
EE318 Electrical Machines   Outline A,A1,B,C,C.,C1,D,D.,E  
EL318 Electrical Machines Lab   Outline A,A1,B,C, D,D1,E,E1  
EE310 Electromagnetics   Outline A,A.,B,C,C1,D,E,E1  
EE317 Power System Fundamentals   Outline A,A.,B,B.,B1,C,D,D.,E,  
EE312 Signals and Systems   Outline A,B,E,  
EL312 Signals and Systems Lab   Outline A,B,B1,B1.,D,D1,E,E1  

Semester 7

C. CodeCourse Title CHOutlineSection ResultsWebsite
EE414 Communication Systems   Outline A, B,C,C1,D  
EL414 Communication Systems Lab   Outline A,A1,B,B1,C,C1,D,D1,  
EE416 Instrumentation and Measurements   Outline A,B,C,C1,D,D1,E,E1  
EL416 Instrumentation and Measurements Lab   Outline A,A1,B,B1,C,C1,D,D1,E1  

Semester 8

C. CodeCourse Title CHOutlineSection ResultsWebsite
MS323 Engineering Management   Outline A,  
MA222 Numerical Analysis   Outline    


C. CodeCourse Title CHOutlineSection ResultsWebsite
EE418 Digital Signal Processing   Outline A,A.,A..,  
EL418 Digital Signal Processing   Outline A,A1  
EE480 Wireless Communication   Outline A,A.,A1,  
EE330 Computer Networks   Outline A,A.,A1,B,B1,  
EE327 Digital System Design   Outline A,A1,B,C,C1,D,E  
EL327 Digital System Design Lab   Outline A,A1,B,B-h,B1,C,C1,D,D1,E,E.,E1  
EE430 Opto Electronics   Outline A,  
EE447 Power Electronics   Outline A,D,D1  
EL447 Power Electronics Lab   Outline C,C1,D,D1  
EE375 Telecom Switching and Transmission   Outline    

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