Department of Electrical Engineering

Semester 1

C. CodeCourse Title CHOutline
MA112 Applied Calculus 3 Outline
NS124 Applied Physics 3 Outline
NL124 Applied Physics Lab 1 Outline
EN110 English Grammar and Comprehension 2 Outline
CS143 Programming Fundamentals 2 Outline
CS143L Programming Fundamentals Lab 1 Outline
EE112L Workshop Practice 2 Outline
SS171 Pakistan Studies 2 Outline

Semester 3

C. CodeCourse Title CHOutline
EE220 Digital Logic Design 3 Outline
EE220L Digital Logic Design Lab 1 Outline
ME322 Applied Thermodynamics 3 Outline
EE212 Electrical Network Analysis 3 Outline
EE212L Electrical Network Analysis Lab 1 Outline
MA210 Linear Algebra 3 Outline
MA230 Differential Equation 3 Outline

Semester 5

C. CodeCourse Title CHOutline
EE340 Electrical Machines 3 Outline
EE340L Electrical Machines Lab 1 Outline
EE310 Electromagnetics 3 Outline
MS215 Engineering Ethics 3 Outline
EE317 Power System Fundamentals 3 Outline
EE315 Signals and Systems 3 Outline
EE315L Signals and Systems Lab 1 Outline

Semester 7

C. CodeCourse Title CHOutline
EE410 Communication Systems 3 Outline
EL410 Communication Systems Lab 1 Outline
EE412 Optical Communication 3 Outline
EE465 Instrumentation and Measurements 3 Outline
EL465 Instrumentation and Measurements Lab 1 Outline
EE491 Senior Design Project- I 3 Outline
EE-xxx Elective-II 3 Outline
EE-xxx Elective-III 3 Outline
EE-xxxL Elective-III Lab 1 Outline


C. CodeCourse Title CHOutline
EE407 Renewable Electrical Energy Resources 3 Outline
EE406 Power System Analysis and Design 3 Outline
EE406L Power System Analysis and Design Lab 1 Outline
EE430 Opto Electronics 3 Outline
EE446 Power Electronics 3 Outline
EL446 Power Electronics Lab 1 Outline
EE420 Digital Communication 3 Outline
EE420L Digital Communication Lab 1 Outline

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