Department of Electrical Engineering

BS Electrical Engineering

Batch 17

C. CodeCourse Title CHOutlineSection ResultsWebsite
CS150 Object Oriented Programming Outline A,A,B,D,D,E,E  
EE102 Engineering Drawing Outline A,B,C,D,E  
EE111 Circuit Analysis Outline A,C,D,E  
EL111 Circuit Analysis Lab Outline A,A1,B,B1,C,C1,D,D1,E,E1  
NL113 Chemistry for Engineers Lab Outline    
NL125 Applied Physics Lab Outline    
NS113 Chemistry for Engineers Outline    
NS125 Applied Physics Outline    
EN112 English - II Outline    

Batch 16

C. CodeCourse Title CHOutlineSection ResultsWebsite
EE209 Electronic Devices and Circuit Outline A,C,C,B,D,D1,E,E1,  
EE210 Data Structures and Algorithms Outline B,C,D,  
EE224 Computer Organization and Architecture Outline A,A,B,B,C,C,D,E,E  
EL209 Electronic Devices and Circuit Lab Outline A,A1,B,B1,C,C1,D,E,  
EL224 Computer Organization and Architecture Lab Outline A,A1,B,B1,C,C1,D,D1,E,E,E1,  
EN223 Communication Skills Outline    
MA233 Complex Variables and Transforms Outline    
MS224 Engineering Economics Outline A,A,B,B,C,D,E,E.,  

Batch 15

C. CodeCourse Title CHOutlineSection ResultsWebsite
EE306 Probability and Statistics for Engineers Outline A,C,D,D,  
EE324 Control Systems Outline A,B,B,C,C,D,D,E  
EE326 Modern Microprocessor Systems Outline A,B,C,C,D,  
EL324 Control Systems Lab Outline A,A1,C,C1,D,D1,E,E1,E1  
EL326 Modern Microprocessor Systems Lab Outline A,A1,B,B1,C,C1,D,D1,  
SS172 International Relations Outline  A,B,C,D  

Batch 14

C. CodeCourse TitleCHOutlineSection ResultsWebsite
MA222 Numerical Analysis Outline
MS323 Engineering Management Outline A,B,B,C,C,D,D


C. CodeCourse Title CHOutlineSection ResultsWebsite
EE323 Electronic System Design   Outline A,B,E,  
EE330 Computer Networks   Outline A,A,B,B  
EE418 Digital Signal Processing   Outline A,B,C,D,D  
EE441 Digital Electronics   Outline A,B,C,  
EE455 Industrial Electronics   Outline A,C,D,  
EE485 Telecom Management   Outline B,B1  
EL418 Digital Signal Processing Lab   Outline A,A1,B,B1,C,C1,D,D1,  
EL441 Digital Electronics Lab   Outline A,B1,C,C1,  
EE447 Power Electronics   Outline A,A  
EL447 Power Electronics Lab   Outline A,A1,  

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