Department of Electrical Engineering

Semester 2

C. CodeCourse Title CHOutlineSection ResultsWebsite
ME121 Engineering Mechanics  3 Outline  
ME121L Engineering Mechanics Lab 1 Outline  
 EE110 Circuit Analysis 3 Outline    
 EE110L Circuit Analysis Lab 1 Outline  
 EE102 Engineering Drawing 1 Outline  
 EN112 Composition and Communication  2 Outline  
 HM150 Islamic Studies/Ethics(for non muslims) 2 Outline    
 CS151 Object Oriented Programming  2 Outline
CS151L Object Oriented Programming Lab 1 Outline

Semester 4

C. CodeCourse Title CHOutlineSection ResultsWebsite
 EN223 Research Projects and Presentation 2 Outline    
 MA223 Complex Variable and Transforms 3 Outline    
 EE227 Computer Organization and Architecture 3 Outline  
 EE227L Computer Organization and Architectur Lab 1 Outline  
 EE213 Data Structures and Algorithms 3 Outline  
 EE208 Electronic Devices and Circuits 3 Outline    
 EE208L Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab  1 Outline  
MS224 Engineering Economics 2 Outline

Semester 6

C. CodeCourse Title CHOutlineSection ResultsWebsite
 EE360 Control Systems 3 Outline    
 EE360L Control Systems Lab 1 Outline  
 EE415 Digital Signal Processing  3 Outline    
 EE415L Digital Signal Processing Lab 1 Outline  
EE422  Power System Distribution and Utilization  3 Outline  
 EE422L Power System Distribution and Utilization Lab 1 Outline  
EE445  Digital Electronics 3 Outline  
EE445L Digital Electronics Lab 1 Outline
SS306 Entreprenuership 3 Outline
EE328 Modern Microprocessor Systems 3 Outline
EL328 Modern Microprocessor Systems Lab 1 Outline
EE306 Probability and Statistics for Engineers 3 Outline

Semester 8

C. CodeCourse Title CHOutlineSection ResultsWebsite
 MS323 Engineering Management  2 Outline    
 EE426 High Voltage Engineering  3 Outline    
EE426L High Voltage Engineering Lab 1 Outline
EE455 Industrial Electronics 3 Outline
MA422 Numerical Analysis 3 Outline
EE423 Power System Protection 3 Outline
EE423L Power System Protection Lab 1 Outline
EE424 Electrical Machine Design 3 Outline
EE480 Wireless Communication  3 Outline
EE330 Computer Networks 3 Outline
EE330L Computer Networks Lab 1 Outline
Senior Design Project- II 3

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