Department of Electrical Engineering

Computer Aided Design

A lab with 3d printing facility is for the benefit of engineering students. A dedicated terminals supported by latest software, plotting devices, and generating g-code is also included. At CAD lab, students can learn 2D & 3D drafting of engineering drawings using the latest version of open source software’s. For rapid prototyping these designs are printed using Voxel Aquila 3D printer.


  • FYP related prototyping
  • Robot modeling
  • Drone modeling
  • Workshop practice experiment
  • Intro to 3d printer

Ongoing projects

  1. Non-funded 6 DOF robot painter (collaboration with Sialkot campus)
  2. Drone tracker


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Dr Jawwad Nasar Chattha

Dr Faran Awais Butt

Awais Saeed


Sameer Arif

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