Department of Electrical Engineering

Machine Learning for Signal Processing

The research focus of the lab is utilization and development of techniques and methods from the domains of signal processing and machine learning with application to signal and image analysis in various domains.


  • Image analysis methods for detection of prostatic carcinoma
  • Methodologies for patient-specific seizure detection and prediction using machine learning and signal-derived dictionary approaches
  • Deep learning approaches for concealed objected detection
  • Deep learning based methodologies for diabetes forecasting
  • Methods for power quality enhancement

Ongoing projects

  1. Development of robust histopathology image analysis algorithm for the detection and staging of prostatic carcinoma
  2. Deep learning approach for concealed object detection in Millimeter-wave imaging system
  3. Enhanced Diabetes Forecasting Model Using EHR
  4. Patient-specific seizure prediction using signal derived dictionary approach


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Dr Muhammad Farhat Kaleem

Muhammad Asim Butt

Khalid Ijaz


Iqra Naveed (PhD student)
Ayesha Ali (PhD student)
Muhammad Mateen Qureshi (MS student, graduated in 2022)

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