Department of Electrical Engineering

Smart Sensing and Communications

The lab focuses on Software Defined Radios for next generation wireless and network engineering-based education. The aim of this research group is to provide necessary tools to students and faculty for implementation of various physical layer protocols in the applications of radar and sensing in general and to make related test-bed. The tangible outcome of this group also includes implementation of novel signal processing algorithms and related wireless sensing applications on USRPs for research and development activities for the faculty. Implementation of testbeds would generate our own Intellectual Property (IP) and reduce the reliance on imported technology. The lab intends to encompass data acquisition methods, novel signal processing techniques, hardware integration skills, enabling data collection at gateway nodes and extensive testing in the field for various use cases.


  • Micro-Doppler Signatures
  • Low Power WAN based Communication
  • Disaster Management
  • Radar Altimerty
  • Remote Sensing
  • Sound Analysis

Ongoing projects

  1. Radar Detection System using Micro-Doppler Signatures (self)
  2. LP WAN based Communication Systems for Rural Connectivity (collaborated)
  3. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Based RF Proximity Sensor and Implementation on Zynq Based Radio (collaborated and funded)
  4. Sound Analysis using Machine Learning (self)
  5. Technical Solutions for Resilience to Natural Disasters (self)


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  3. Butt, F.A., Ritchie, M., Griffiths, H., Li, W. and Naqvi, I.H. Crosstalk in modern software defined radio for the implementation of frequency modulated continuous wave radar. IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation, 15(12), pp.1607-1621, 2022.
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Dr Faran Awais Butt

Dr. Jawwad Nasar Chattha

Hassan Tariq


Muhammad Faizan (Graduated)

Muhammad Bilal Sher Khan Shirwani (Graduated)

Marriam Sikander (Graduated)

Hamza Ahmed (BS Student)

Khadija Tariq (BS Student)

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