Department of Industrial Engineering

Semester 1

C. CodeCourse Title CHOutlineSection ResultsWebsite
HM-101 English Grammar and Comperehension 3 Outline    
HM-111 Islamic Studies/Ethics 2 Outline    
HM-112 Pakistan Studies 2 Outline    
EF-121 Engineering Mechanics 3 Outline  
EF-121 L Engineering Mechanics (Lab) 1 Outline    
IE-111 Fundamentals of Thermal Sciences 3 Outline    
NS-121 Applied Calculus 4 Outline    

Semester 3

C. CodeCourse Title CHOutlineSection ResultsWebsite
IE-221 Manufacturing Processes 3 Outline    
IE-221 L Manufacturing Processes (Lab) 1 Outline    
NS-231 Probability and Statistics 3 Outline    
EF-201 Engineering Drawing - II 1 Outline    
EF-201 L Engineering Drawing - II (Lab) 1 Outline    
EF-221 Materials Engineering 3 Outline    
EF-221 L Materials Engineering (Lab) 1 Outline    
HM-221 Social and Ethical Aspects in Engineering 3 Outline    
NS-221 Linear Algebra 3 Outline    

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