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Chairperson Message

Welcome to the Department of Industrial Engineering; I assure you that your stay here will be fascinating, demanding, and a great launching pad for engineering and technology jobs both nationally and internationally.

Our highly trained faculty strives to educate engineering professionals who will be able to fulfill the ever-changing needs of Pakistan's engineering sector, as well as perform globally, particularly in a cross-cultural environment. Essentially, we want to train leaders who will be able to build a path toward green and sustainable solutions through collaborative academic and industrial partnerships. We focus heavily on active, self-directed study and community involvement among our students. Our students are encouraged to analyze existing and new evidence-based methods, contribute to developing scientific knowledge bases and develop critical thinking abilities in order to meet the rapidly changing requirements of the twenty-first century.

I look forward to welcoming you to work together to shape Pakistan's future with green and sustainable development. 


Scope of Industrial Engineering

The work of an industrial engineer is generally focused on the concept of production efficiency. Depending on their work setting, an industrial engineer may be tasked with developing efficient systems that integrate workers, materials, machines, information, and energy in the creation of a product or the provision of a specific service. They can work as:

  • Systems Engineer
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • EHS Managers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Process Engineer

  Why Industrial Engineering at UMT

  1. PEC level II - Accreditation (Washington Accord)
  2. Generous Scholarships
  3. Fastest Growing Engineering Discipline (US Bureau of Labor)
  4. Lowest Fee Structure in the Country
  5. Most Experienced and Qualified Faculty
  6. IISE Student Chapter
  7. Alumni Association
  8. Best Student-Teacher Ratio Nationally
  9. Latest world- Class Curriculum
  10. Student-Centric Teaching Pedagogies
  11. Focus on Personality Building
  12. Strong Industry-Academia Liaison
  13. Industrial Visits and Internships
  14. Most Jobs for IEs in Pakistan
  15. Entrepreneurial Mindset 
  16. Ideally Located Campus in Lahore, the largest city of Punjab.


Academic Programs

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