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1-      What kind of employment can I find after completing BS Energy Engineering?

 A: There are many job opportunities for graduates in Energy Engineering globally in various sectors including.

  • Solar Parks & Wind Farms
  • Coal Fired & hydel Power Plants
  • HVAC & boiler Engineering Sector
  • Energy Audit, Efficiency & Conservation Firms
  • Hybrid Automobile Sector

2-      Are there any national and international universities that are offering BS Energy Engineering program?

 A: UMT is the only university in Pakistan which is offering a pure Energy Engineering degree. A few other universities in Pakistan are offering degrees in Environmental Engineering having a blend of energy.

Internationally there are many universities that offer graduate programs in energy engineering. For example in United States of America (USA),  UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego and UC Berkeley. Similarly, UC3M Spain, KIT Karlsruhe Germany and Tampere University of Applied Sciences Finland are some of the European Universities that offer graduation in this program.

3-      Why should I apply for this program?

A: The only solution to energy crisis of Pakistan is to expand energy generation capacity. This will be achieved by building new hydel power stations, setting up solar parks and wind farms, reducing consumption by introduction of energy efficient devices, designing energy efficient buildings etc. The country needs hundreds of trained energy engineers in the near future to achieve the target.

4-      Why should I prefer this program over other engineering programs (Electrical, Mechanical, Civil etc)?

A:  Energy Engineering is the most recent engineering discipline that combines the knowledge from different engineering disciplines like Mechanical, Electrical & Chemical Engineering. With the world's thirst for energy continuing to grow, there is now an urgent demand for a well trained workforce to develop, process, utilize and manage conventional, unconventional, and renewable energy sources in an environmentally safe and economically feasible way. Therefore, graduates of the Energy Engineering program will have many diverse options in solar, wind, biomass and other renewable energy resources.

5-      Which are the prospective projects in Pakistan for placement of Energy Engineers?

A:  Many National Projects have already been started and many more will be starting in the near future  related to Energy where Energy Engineers will be employed. Some of the projects are:

  • Neelum Jhelum Hydel Power Project
  • Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power Park Project
  • Jhimpir Wind Energy Projects

6-      What are the options for higher studies and research in future after graduation?

A: There are immense options for research in the field of energy engineering both in higher studies and research worldwide. €300 million of Masters scholarships are available under KIC Inno Energy research platform which enrolls 400 energy engineers each year. In Europe, a total of €80 billion funding have been approved for research and development under Horizon 2020 platform out of which 30% is allocated for Energy Engineering sector.

The Energy Engineering graduates from UMT will be well-equipped with knowledge and will be preferred over engineers of other disciplines to get energy scholarships.

7-      Will I be able to start my own business after graduating in this program?

A: Yes. This program contains diversified energy engineering courses like Solar, Wind, Hydel, Bioenergy etc which are complimented by Energy management and entrepreneurship courses. This will give the graduates proper skills and techniques to choose and analyze the business model of their choice.

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