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Welcome to the newly created School of Engineering (SEN). This school has been set up with the vision to act as a hub for various engineering disciplines. It shall provide a common regulatory platform for the professional education in the field of engineering aiming to achieve national and international accreditation of degree programs offered under its umbrella.

The school currently has two departments; Electrical Engineering and Industrial & Mechanical Engineering. It is planned to have phased addition of the following departments over the next five years.

1 Energy Engineering To be created in 2014
2 Civil & Environmental Engineering To be created in 2015
3 Mechatronics Engineering To be created in 2016
4 Chemical & Materials Engineering To be created in 2017
5 Biomedical Engineering To be created in 2018

SEN is currently offering two degree programs; a PEC accredited bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and a PEC permitted bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. The school hopes to offer bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, after the permission from PEC, in Fall-2013.

While I feel proud to be the founding Dean of this newborn school, I am also aware of the daunting task of leading it to become the ‘Best Engineering School of Pakistan’ within the next ten years. However, I shall draw strength out of my 36 years of experience which has seen many new foundations successfully laid and goals achieved. Additionally, the commitment, competency, and devotion of the faculty give me confidence to reach the defined target.

My job is to complement these strengths, by enhancing resources and investing in strong faculty and students. At the same time, I am compelled to make sure that everyone in the community is focused on being as good as they can possibly be. You can trust me for support, guidance and an eagerness to involve.

In today's highly competitive world of higher education, we have to be fast, flexible and well-resourced to continue attracting talented students, faculty and staff. I can foresee that soon our faculty members would be conducting leading-edge research in a wide range of areas including industrial management, environment, energy, electric power, artificial intelligence, building & structures, irrigation, dams, biomedical engineering, robotics, telecommunications and mechatronics.

Everyone, faculty, staff, students, parents and entrepreneurs (the prospective employers of my students) is important for me. So you are welcome to discuss and share ideas for the development of SEN. I can be reached by telephone, email, or meeting in person.

Professor/ Dean School of Engineering

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