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Program Overview:

A Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Engineering program recognized by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), typically provides students with a strong foundation in both computer science and electrical engineering by offering computer science fundamental courses in programming languages, data structures, and algorithms, AI, machine learning, operating systems along with electrical circuits, electronics, digital system design, signals & systems, and wireless communications courses to strengthen their basics of electrical engineering. Thus, the core of computer engineering can be achieved by the Integration of computer science and electrical engineering principles, focusing on designing, developing, testing, and integration of computer hardware and software components.

This four-year program offers a robust curriculum combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience through practical work in laboratories, capstone projects, and industrial internships. Graduates of the computer engineering program will be well-prepared for careers in various industries, including computer hardware design, embedded systems development, telecommunications, robotics, and software engineering on both national and international levels. Roles of computer engineers may include hardware engineer, software developer, systems analyst, embedded systems designer, network engineer, or even positions in research and development.

Our BS computer engineering program follows a globally recognized outcome-based education (OBE) system. This OBE-based four-year degree will be recognized by the Washington Accord, which provides international recognition to our engineering graduates to meet the high standards of quality and relevance to the industry. Come and join us to embark on a journey that equips you to confidently and competently navigate the challenges of our rapidly evolving technological needs and landscape.

Undergraduate Program Admission Requirements:

Duration:  4 Years

Entry Requirements:

  • Minimum 60% score in Matric/O-level (with science),
  • Minimum 60% score in F.Sc./A-level (pre-engineering)
  • Minimum 50% marks in admission Test.

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