Department of Electrical Engineering

Power and Energy

New opportunities in power and energy are arising with advances in renewable energy systems, energy management, and control. Students and faculty are investigating renewable energy systems to develop a variety of novel applications, from solar energy systems to power systems. Power systems research is seeking new tools and techniques for improving grid efficiency and robustness. An important aspect of this work is the development of network control strategies for enhancing grid responsiveness, and enabling greater levels of renewable generation.


  • Renewable energy
  • Photovoltaic systems and Building integrated photovoltaic
  • Concentrator photovoltaic and solar thermal
  • Energy efficient buildings
  • Electrical power systems

Ongoing projects

  1. Highly concentrated nonimaging CPV system
  2. Centered receiver-based CPV system


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Dr Irfan Ullah

Waseem Iqbal

Nauman Ahmad

Muhammad Bilal Anwar


Muhammad Bilal Babar
Muhammad Bilal Zunair Azhar
Hameel Zafar
Muhammad Tayyab

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