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MS Engineering Management

Program Overview

The MS degree program in Engineering Management is designed to build both technical competence and business acumen. The program builds understanding and skills critical to the support of fast-to-market strategies, which also guarantee product quality and cost minimization. A systematic analytical framework is developed and coupled with tools for managing the engineering and technical functions within manufacturing-based companies.
This cross-disciplinary program draws from the expertise of the School of Engineering (SEN) and School of Business & Economics (SBE), and develops the engineering leader who is responsible for designing and implementing strategies to successfully compete in the 21st century.

Program Objectives

Graduates will be able to:

  • Model, analyze and control design and production activities
  • Understand the impact of quality, cost and timeliness metrics on engineering processes
  • Perform data analysis and optimization for decision making
  • Develop business cases for justifying process, organizational and technological projects
  • Support for systems engineering and project management
  • Communicate effectively (written, verbal and presentation) across all levels in the enterprise

Career Prospects

The mission of the graduate Program in Engineering Management is to educate our students for leadership positions in a broad spectrum of employment including: Manufacturing, Quality Management, Supply chain management, Health Care, Banking, Information Management, and related disciplines. Engineering management is always evergreen in terms of scope and job prospects.

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