Academic Programs


Plan A

ComponentCredit Hours
Core Courses 12
Electives 12
Thesis 6
Total 30

Plan B

ComponentCredit Hours
Core Courses 12
Electives 18
Total 30

MSEE Program Core Courses

The following is a list of core courses (12 credit hours)
Courses of 6xx level are highlighted (bold and underlined).

Course CodeTitleCredit Hours
IE-631 Research Methods 3
EE-501 Linear Systems 3
EE-631 Stochastic Processes 3
EE-643 Optimization Techniques 3

MSEE List of Electives

Courses of 6xx level are highlighted (bold and underlined).

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
EE-628 Advanced Circuit Design 3
EE-610 Real-time Signal Processing 3
EE-616 Adaptive Filtering Theory and Design 3
EE-518 Nonlinear Signal Processing 3
EE-511 Embedded Systems 3
EE-624 Networks and Protocols 3
EE-623 Wireless Communication 3
EE-625 Software-Defined Radio 3
EE-526 Photovoltaic Energy Systems 3
EE-527 Wireless Sensor Networks 3
EE-504 Advanced Power Systems 3
EE-506 Transients in Power Systems 3
EE-507 Advanced Concepts in Power System Protection 3
EE-508 Power System Planning 3
EE-512 Design of Optical Transmission Systems 3
EE-513 Photonics Technologies (Opto-electronics) 3
EE-632 Machine Learning 3
EE-639 Internet of Things 3
EE-634 Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits 3
EE-635 CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits 3
EE-636 Renewable Energy Systems 3
EE-637 Advanced Lighting Technologies 3
EE-638 Solar Concentrators 3
EE-640 Electrical Machine Design 3
EE-641 Power Electronics Converters 3
EE-642 Power Quality 3
EE-671 Computational Intelligence 3
EE 673 Information Theory and Coding 3
EE 674 Detection and Estimation Theory 3
EE 643 Optimization Techniques 3

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