Advances in Civil and Construction Engineering

Conference Theme

·         Construction Engineering and Management

·         Performance based Analysis of Civil Engineering Structural System

·         Design of Civil Engineering Structures-Architectural Aspects

·         Smart Materials and Technologies

·         Hydraulic Structures

·         Applications of GIS in Civil Engineering

·         Environmental Considerations in Civil Engineering Projects

·         Major Civil Engineering Problems of Pakistan and their Solutions

·         Transportation Engineering related area

·         Natural Hazards: their assessments and mitigation

·         Geo Technical Engineering: Application of Geosynthetics

·         Development and Management of Water Resources

·         Renewable Energy

·         Climate Change and Water Security

·         Application of Artificial Intelligence in Civil Engineering

·         Structural Health Monitoring / In-Situ Health Assessment

·         Water Treatment - Membrane Technology

·         Public Health Engineering

·         Irrigation and Water Conservation

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