Advances in Civil and Construction Engineering

ACCE2022 LogoThe Civil Engineering Department, School of Engineering (SEN) UMT, Lahore and Civil Engineering Department, NUCES (FAST) is arranging the first international conference on Advances in Civil and Construction Engineering (ACCE 2022) between Dec 1-3 2022, which encompasses almost all themes within the civil engineering discipline. State of the art papers are sought, which will be subjected to rigorous peer review.

The city of Lahore is famous for its very rich architectural heritage, gardens and parks, and the people are very lively. It is also the hub of top-rated academic institutions as well shrines of Sufi saints. The city of Lahore is COVID free. The city temperature in December may vary between 10°C to 20°C with relative humidity of almost 50%. Though the conference is being organized in dual mode, however authors presenting papers personally will be preferred. The city does not have security issues in general.

Note: ISBN and e-ISBN number will be issued to the conference proceedings


Speaker Title of Talk

Dr. Shahbaz Khan



Standardizing civil engineering qualifications for SDGs

Dr. Hakim Abdelgader

Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering

University of Tripoli, Tripoli, Libya

Concrete mix design using three-equation method, replacing Bolomey law with Abrams' law

Dr. Naveed Anwar

Vice President for Knowledge Transfer, Director, ACECOMS

AIT Thiland

Performance Based Analysis of Civil Engineering Structures Theme

Dr. Salman Azhar

William A. Hunt Endowed Professor and Graduate Programs Chair

Auburn Univeristy, Alabama, US

Advanced Digitalization Technologies for Design, Construction and Building Operations: Impact, Challenges, and the Path Forward

Dr. Tayyab Maqsood

Associate Dean, Project Management

RMIT University. Australia

Construction Waste management and the circular economy- Implications for Pakistan

Dr. Azhar Nasir

Owner, Safe Australia

Structural Performance of Building Façade for Sustainable Design

Dr. Awais Piracha

Associate Professor, Geogrphy, Tourism & Planning

Western Sydney University, Australia

New Horizons in Built Environment and Human Health

Dr. Abdul Faheem

DTU, Denmark

Influence of thermal boundary conditions on frost scaling

Dr. Syed Ali Rizwan

Ex-Dean, School of Engineering

UMT, Lahore

Professor Civil Engineering Department


Early-age Linear Shrinkage of Self Compacting Mortar Systems (SCMs) Containing Super Absorbent Polymers (SAPs)

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