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Program Structure & Road Map 

It is a 30 Credit hours program offered as below.

ComponentCredit Hours
Core Courses 12
Electives 12
Thesis 06
Total 30

Salient of the program are:

  1. Duration: Two Years
  2. Semesters: Four
  3. Description of Courses (Core Courses & Elective Courses)
  4. Following is a list of core courses
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
ME-503 Finite Element Methods 3
ME-605 Modeling and Simulation 3
ME-501 Mathematical Methods and Techniques 3
IE-631 Research Methodology 3

         e. Following is a list of elective courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
ME-661 Advanced Thermodynamics 3
ME-612 Advanced Heat Transfer 3
ME-541 Alternative Energy 3
ME-641 Power Plant Engineering 3
ME-521 Control Systems Engineering 3
ME-542 Pollution Management and Control 3
ME-551 Maintenance Engineering 3
ME-601 Mechanical Vibration 3
ME-502 CAD/CAM 3
IE-612 Production Planning & Control 3
IE-504 Total Quality Management 3
ME-603 Advanced Stress Analysis 3
ME-604 Advanced Engineering Dynamics 3
EEN 501 Energy Management   3

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