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Industrial Engineering at a Glance

Industrial Engineering track gives an opportunity to its graduates to become engaged in virtually any industry, be it manufacturing or service oriented. Productivity enhancement, process optimization, quality improvement, logistics, ergonomic product design, environmental health and safety are some of the major focal areas of Industrial Engineering.

Industrial Engineering at UMT

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) PERMITTED THE UMT to start BS Industrial Engineering program from Fall 2012. The 135 Credit Hour, 4 Years degree program is being run under the Umbrella of School of Engineering in the Department of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering in compliance with PEC/ HEC guidelines.

The degree program has been designed as an all-encompassing scheme of studies that may satisfy the needs of different industrial sectors not only domestically but also internationally. The Department of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering takes pride in addressing these needs by involving the industry on one hand, and the students on the other.

Experienced academicians from the best universities in Pakistan, highly experienced professionals from industry alongside the university faculty partake in periodic revision of the curriculum as per the market needs.

Students are involved in active discussions, case studies and industrial visits. Special attention is given to ensure intellectual as well as practical grooming of our students. In short, the department does its best to create an environment conductive for learning, and to transfer our studies into competent engineers at entry level and then to assume leadership roles later in their professional lives.

The scheme of studies is constituted by an appropriate blend of courses from engineering, management and social sciences domains. These cover not only the breadth of Industrial Engineering and cross-disciplinary engineering fields, but also delve deeper into specific areas. Our faculty is also encouraged to engage themselves with the industry. This involvement allows our faculty members to keep abreast of at least developments and problems faced by the industry. The very knowledge is eventually imparted to students to prepare for their professional lives.

Career Prospects

Employment opportunities for Industrial Engineering graduates are quite broad both in the domestic as well as international market.

Industrial Engineers are generally employed in different types of industries in the areas of Productivity, Process Optimization, Quality, Environmental Health & Safety, Supply Chain Management, etc.

Typically, the biggest demand for Industrial Engineers in the domestic industry emanates from textile sector, which makes up more than 60 % of Pakistan’s total industry. Automotive and other manufacturing sector too hire the services of Industrial Engineers frequently. Information technology, consulting and other services sectors are also employing Industrial Engineers. Additionally, different governmental organizations also employ Industrial Engineers. From International market viewpoint, IE graduates have plenty of employment opportunities in the Gulf region.

Apart from typical industries, there is a huge potential for jobs in academic institutions after higher studies both domestically and abroad.

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