UMT SEN Transactions

Guidelines for Reviewers

UMT SEN Transactions is a peer-reviewed international journal. We request reviewers to read the guidelines on this page before reviewing a manuscript.

  • Does the title clearly identifies subject matter?
  • Does the technical content merit publication in this journal?
  • Is this paper an original and significant contribution in the engineering field?
  • Are conclusions supported by the results presented?
  • Is related work adequately referenced?
  • Is the manuscript clearly written?
  • Is the paper appropriate for this journal?

Please provide comments and suggestions to the editor and author.

To meet UMT SEN Transactions goal of providing timely research, we ask that you complete your review within 30 days, if possible. Please submit your comments via email to [email protected]

Publication Process

  • Initial review will be conducted by the Editor-in-Chief
  • If paper is under the scope of the journal, it will be sent for peer review process
  • If revision is needed, the paper will be sent to the authors
  • Final decision will be made by the Editor-in-Chief
  • After acceptance, paper will be sent for publication
  • Please do not distribute copies of the manuscript.
  • Please do not use results contained in it without the authors' permission.


Thanks to reviewers

We gratefully acknowledge the valuable support of the researchers and scientists who have reviewed papers for the UMT SEN Transactions.


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