Faculty Profile

Dr Irfan Ullah

Assistant Professor

School of Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering


Dr. Irfan Ullah is an Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering Department, School of Engineering at the University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. Previously, he was a post-doctoral fellow in Graduate Institute of Color and Illumination Technology at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan. He also worked as a visiting scholar in Competence Center Envelopes and Solar Energy at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Horw, Switzerland.

He received the integrated MS & Ph.D. degree in Information and Communications Engineering from the Myongji University, Yongin, South Korea. He received the BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the COMSATS Institute of information Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. Over the past five years, He has provided high-level research in a variety of institutes and across multiple research areas, such as optics, solar energy, and lighting.

From his achievements, the following are brought to the table: Bronze paper and Best paper awards in various conferences and research competitions, 32 papers including international journals and conferences with 170 citations, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Daylighting, and Editorial Board Member and reviewer of several high impact international journals.

He has worked on various research projects. He developed an optical design for the concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) system to increase irradiance uniformity over the multi-junction solar cell. Further, he developed various solar concentration systems using Fresnel lens, parabolic reflector, parabolic trough, and compound parabolic concentrator (CPC) to achieve highly-concentrated light for different solar energy applications (e.g., photovoltaic and lighting). He also designed optical lighting modules to improve light uniformity in the interior space.

He has research interests in Renewable energy, Concentrated solar Energy, Solar concentrators & photovoltaic (PV), Optics & nonimaging optics, optical elements, Light transmission - optical fiber & light pipe, LED lighting, Illumination systems, light redirecting, daylighting, lighting-energy in buildings, Robot navigation, Autonomous robots, Microcontrollers, Sensors, Image processing, hyperspectral imaging.

He is also an expert of using various 3D simulation software that are used in high-quality research publication and research projects, such as LightTools, Tracepro, FRED, DIALux,    AutoCAD, SketchUp, SolidWorks, Optsim, Labview, MATLAB, etc.


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