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Waseem Iqbal

Assistant Professor

School of Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

 : [email protected]     : 3669     : 03334696619   

Waseem Iqbal is serving as an Assistant Professor and PHD scholar in Electrical Engineering Department, School of Engineering. He has completed his BSc Electrical Engineering (Telecom) from COMSATS Institutes of Information & Technology, Lahore in 2010. He has served in Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) for ten months in Broadband Complaint Cell. He received degree of M.Sc Electrical Engineering with Power Electronics from University of Bradford, UK in 2012. He got distinction in M.Sc thesis. While studying in UK, he was member of International society & Islamic society in University of Bradford, UK. He is part of UMT faculty since September 2013. His research interests include Renewable Energy Systems, Power Electronics and Communication. Waseem iqbal has authored few international journal and conference research papers, see (

Publication Type Title Journal Name Impact Factor Year of Publication
International Publications with impact factor (2.0 and above) Techno economic analysis of a wind-photovoltaic-biomass hybrid renewable energy system for rural electrification: A case study of Kallar Kahar Energy ( Elsevier ) 7.147 2018
Conference Papers (presented in International Association) Implementation and performance evaluation of three reconfigurable FFT cores for application in software defined radio system ieeexplore 0.000 2017
Conference Papers (presented in International Association) SCADA Based Power Management and Distribution System Prototype for Pakistan Scenario ieeexplore 0.000 2018
International Publications with impact factor (less than 2.0) / JCR / SJR Parametric and Non-Parametric Spectral Signal Processing Techniques for Estimation of Periodicity in Sunspot Numbers Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences 0.130 2019
Degree Name & Area Year University City,Country
PhD Scholar - Electrical Engineering University of Management & Technology Pakistan
MS - Electrical Engineering University of Bradford UK
Position Start Date End Date
coordinator for "Industrial Advisory Board" 14-11-2018 Present
OBE Oversight Committee (Member) 25-08-2017 08-02-2019
EE Dep Committee (Arrangements and Swapping) 24-05-2016 10-09-2016
CPD Organizing Committee for SEN (Member-Electrical) 30-01-2019 16-11-2021
Position Start Date End Date
Strategic Planning Analysis and Review Cell (SPARC) 27-07-2016 10-09-2016
  • Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)
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