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Dr Muhammad Asad

On Leave

School of Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

 : [email protected]     : 3695   

Dr Asad has rich and diversified experience of Industrial Production, R & D and Academia which spans over 14 Years. He is actively involved in Academic research, which mainly encompasses Machining Modeling & Simulation area. He has authored/co-authored 19 scholarly articles. His research interest encircles FEM, Materials Behavior Modeling, Manufacturing Processes Modeling, Tribology, Micro machining.

 Educational Qualifications

a) PhD   Mechanical Engineering,  INSA de Lyon France

b) M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering,  INSA de Lyon France

c) B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (with Honours), UET Lahore

 Interest (teaching / research) Areas

a)      FEM

b)      Materials Behavior Modeling

c)      Manufacturing Processes Modeling

d)      Tribology

e)      Micro Machining

 Other Positions and Affiliations

a) Reviewer of IMeche Part CJournal of Mechanical Engineering Science , London (UK)

b) Member of Editorial Board of Mechanical Engineering Research journal (Canadian Center of Science and Education,         Canada)

c) Reviewer of 4th International Conference on Mechanical Science and Engineering (ICMSE2014), China 

d)Technical Committee member 3rd International Conference on Energy & Environment : Innovation, Research &      Sustainability (ICEE’15), QUEST, Nawabshah, Pakistan 

Professional Memberships

a) Member International Association of Engineer(IAENG), Hong Kong 

b) Pakistan Engineering Council (Professional Engineer)

c) Pakistan Engineering Congress (Life Member)

 Selected Publications & Research

Google Scholar Profile :

A) Journal Publications

a)       Peer Reviewed Journal Publications (19)

i)        International with Impact factor (JCR Listed)

[1]     H Ijaz, M Zain-ul-abdein, W Saleem, M Asad, T Mabrouki (2016) A numerical approach on parametric sensitivity analysis for an aero-nautic aluminium alloy turning process. Mechanika, 22(2), 149-155

[2]     T Mabrouki, C Courbon, Y Zhang,  J Rech, D Nélias, MAsad et al. (2016) Some insights on the modelling of chip formation and its morphology during metal cutting operations. Comptes Rendus Mecanique (

[3]     M A Khan W saleem, M Asad et al. (2015) A parametric sensitivity study on preforming simulations of woven composites using a hypoelastic computational model. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites (DOI: 10.1177/0731684415613567)

[4]     M Asad, T Mabrouki et al. (2014) On the turning modeling and simulation: 2D and 3D FEM approaches. Mechanics & Industry, 5(15), 427-434

[5]     H Ijaz, M Asad et al. (2014) Prediction of delamination crack growth in carbon/fiber epoxy composite laminates using non-local interface damage model. Mechanics & Industry, 4(15), 293-300

[6]     M Asad, H Ijaz et al. (2014) Turning modeling and simulation of an aerospace grade aluminum alloy using 2D and 3D FE method. Proc. IMechE, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 228(3), 367-375

[7]     W saleem, M A Khan, H ijaz, M Asad (2014) Weight to Strength Analysis of Topological Optimized UAV Ribs. Arabian Journal of Science & Engineering, 39(6), 5035-5043

[8]     M Asad, T Mabrouki (2013) On the modeling of an aluminum alloy milling: 3D FEM approach. Mechanika, 19(5), 588-592

[9]     M Asad, T Mabrouki, et al. (2013) Three-dimensional finite element modeling of rough to finish down-cut milling of an aluminum alloy. Proc. IMechE, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 227(1), 75-83

[10] M Asad, T. Mabrouki, et al. (2011) Towards a physical comprehension of material strengthening factors during macro to micro-scale milling. Mechanika, 17(1), 97-104.

[11] M Asad, T Mabrouki et al. (2010) Finite-element-based hybrid dynamic cutting model for aluminium alloy milling. Proc. IMechE, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 224(1), 1-13.

[12] T Mabrouki, F Girardin, M Asad et al. (2008) Numerical and experimental study of dry cutting for an aeronautic aluminium alloy (A2024-T351). International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture, 48(11), 1187–1197.

[13] M Asad, F Girardin et al. (2008) Dry cutting study of an aluminium alloy (a2024-t351): a numerical and experimental approach. International Journal of Material Forming, 1(1), 499-502.                      

 ii)       International without Impact factor

[14] A Memon, S R Samo, M Asad et al. (2015) Modeling of Aerodynamic Forces on the Wind Turbine Blades. Journal of Clean Energy Technologies, 3(6), 406-410

[15] T Mabrouki, J F Rigal, M Asad (2013) A multiscale cutting model based on the theory of gradient plasticity. Advanced Materials Research, 698, 99-106. []

[16] M Asad, T Mabrouki et al. (2010) On the tool vibration effects during down-cut peripheral milling process. International Journal on Interactive Design & Manufacturing, 4(4), 215-225.

 iii)    Local Pakistan Based without Impact factor

 [17] H Ijaz, M Asad et al. (2015) Simulation of Delamination Crack Growth in Composite Laminates: Application of Local and Non-Local Interface Damage Models. Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology, 3(34), 255-264

[18] H Ijaz, M Asad et al. (2014) Strain Energy Based Homogenization Method to Find The Equivalent Orthotropic Properties of Sandwich Structures. Sindh University Research Journal (Science Series), 46 (1), 93-98

[19]A A Memon, M U Abbasi, A F Abbasi, M Asad (2012) Modeling and simulation of flow around Wind turbine blade by using actuator surface model. Sindh University Research Journal (Science Series), 44 (4), 699-702.                    

B)    International Conference Publications

1)   M Asad et al. (2015) A numerical approach on the design of a sustainable turning insert. National Multidisciplinary Engineering Conference (NMEC-15), Lahore, Pakistan, November 2015

2) S M A Shah, L A Lehri, M I Tareen, M Asad (2013) A simplified method to model phase transformation during grinding process. 3rd  International Advances in Applied Physics and Materials Science Congress, Antalya, Turkey, April 2013

3) T Mabrouki, Y Zhang, M Asad, D Nélias, J F Rigal (2012) On how to capture scale effects during the modelling of material removal by cutting tool. 7th  Assises MUGV/Intercut Conference, Saint-Étienne, France, October 2012

4) M Asad, T Mabrouki, J F Rigal (2010) A FE-Approach on the influence of material strengthening factors on size effect during macro-to-micro scale milling. 4th Int. Conference on Tribology in Manufacturing Processes, Nice, France, June 2010

5) M Asad, T Mabrouki, J F Rigal (2009) On the tool vibration effects during down-cut peripheral milling process. 11th AIP Primeca conference, Plagne, France, April 2009

6) M Asad, T Mabrouki, J F Rigal (2009) A numerical study of thermo-mechanical effects for dynamic milling process. 9th National PPF conference, Saint-Étienne, France, March 2009

7) M Asad, C Hignette, T Mabrouki, J F Rigal (2008) Numerical and experimental approach for an aluminium alloy micro-milling. 2nd international conference on innovative cutting processes and smart machining, Cluny, France, October 2008

8) M Asad, F Girardin, T Mabrouki, J F Rigal (2008) Dry cutting study of an aluminium alloy (a2024-t351): a numerical and experimental approach.11th International ESAFORM Conference on material forming, Lyon, France, April 2008

9) M Asad, T Mabrouki, J F Rigal (2008) Un modele elements finis pour simuler le fraisage d’un alliage d’aluminium. 5th  Assises MUGV Conference, Nantes, France, June 2008 (in French)

10) M Asad, T Mabrouki, J F Rigal (2008) Prediction of chip morphology during milling of an aeronautic aluminium alloy (A2024-T351). 13th Manufacturing 21conference, Saint-Étienne ,France, April 2008

11) M Asad, F Girardin, T Mabrouki, J F Rigal (2007) Contribution a l’étude dynamique de la formation du copeau, cas de la simulation du fraisage des alliages d’aluminium. 10th AIP Primeca conference, Plagne, France, April 2007 (in French)

 Key Achievements

a)      Acquired Roll of Honours in  B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, UET Lahore 

b)      Award of Pakistan government merit scholarship to pursue postgraduate studies in France (2006-2010)

c)      Research paper selected as Key note paper (presented in 11th International ESAFORM Conference on Material                Forming, Lyon, France, April 2008)

d)      Research paper selected for publishing in special issue of International IJIDEM Journal (presented in 11th AIP                Primeca Conference, Plagne, France, April 2009)


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