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Dr Tipu Sultan

Assistant Professor, Director Projects Mechanical Engineering

School of Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

 : [email protected]     : 3683   

HEC approved PhD supervisor

Director Projects (Mechanical Engineering)

Over ten years’ progressive experience in various R&D organizations, developing know-how for new processes, directing complicated research topics, designing, supervising, and constructing new mechanical processes. Recognized as multidisciplinary hands on engineer and researcher with considerable advanced experience and knowledge in computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Dr. Tipu Sultan received his MS and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Hanyang University South Korea. One part of his research activities aims at CFD, wavelets, data compression and convergence acceleration. MS thesis and a few ISI Journal research articles are focused on this pillar. The other part of the research is focused on water treatment processes especially advanced oxidation production (AOP) and ultraviolet (UV) water disinfection using CFD. Ph.D. thesis and a number of ISI Journal research articles are published on this topic. The prime objective of this research work is the design and optimization of UV/H2O2 AOP reactor and water disinfection UV reactor.


He has successfully completed 3 research projects in above mentioned research field funded by Korean government and private industrial sector at Hanyang University South Korea. His research work has been published in various internationally recognized ISI indexed journals and international peer reviewed conference proceedings on the above mentioned research areas. He is also serving as a reviewer for more than 6 international ISI journals in the field of CFD, water treatment and wavelets.


¦ Extensive CFD modeling experience – Successful numerical modeling of complex water disinfectionUV reactors, chemical reactors, UV/H2O2 AOP reactors, heat exchangers, and various other industrial units.

¦ Software engineering – Working knowledge of many programming languages, MATLAB, Fortran, including C and C++. Have developed many stand-alone, user-friendly software or sophisticated add on modules for existing commercial software, such as Fluent and CFX.

¦ Experience in professional engineering software – Professional working knowledge of various engineering software such as ANSYS Fluent,ANSYS CFX, ANSYS meshing, ICEM CFD, data/image acquisition/processing software (Labview, Sigmaplot, MATLAB, Tecplot, CFDpost, Paraview and EnSight), andCAD software (CATIA, Creo (Pro-E), SolidWorks, AutoCAD andANSYS design modular).


¦ CFD Modeling and model evaluation

¦ Chemical Process Development

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence (PLIF)

¦ Data and image acquisition and processing (hardware and software development).

¦ Programming with different languages

¦ Developing scientific equipment and instruments


Educational Qualifications

a) PhD Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University South Korea

b) M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University South Korea

c) B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, UET Lahore

Interest (teaching / research) Areas

1)      Fluid Mechanics

2)      Computational Fluid Dynamics

3)      Numerical analysis

4)      Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

5)      Heat & Mass Transfer

6)      Aerodynamics

7)      Thermodynamics

8)      Modelling/Process modelling and Numerical Simulation

9)      Design and optimization

10)      IC Engines and Power Plants

Professional Memberships

a) Member of Korean Society of Mechanical Engineering (KSME)

b) Pakistan Engineering Council (Registered Engineer)

c) National Curriculum Revision Committee (NCRC) HEC Pakistan


Selected Publications & Research

A) Journal Publications

a) Peer Reviewed Journal Publications (11)

(i) International with Impact factor (JCR Listed)

[1] Sultan, Tipu. (2016). Numerical Study of the Effects of Lamp Configuration and Reactor Wall Roughness in an Open Channel Water Disinfection UV Reactor. Chemosphere 155, 170-179 (Impact Factor = 4.208)


[2] Sultan, Tipu; Ahmad, Zeshan, & Cho, Jinsoo. (2016). Optimization of lamp arrangement in a closed-conduit UV reactor based on a genetic algorithm. Water Science and technology 73 (10), 2526-2543. (Impact Factor = 1.212)


[3] Sultan, Tipu; Ahmad, Sarfraz, & Cho, Jinsoo. (2016). Numerical study of the effects of surface roughness on water disinfection UV reactor. Chemosphere, 148, 108-117. (Impact Factor = 4.208)


[4] Sultan, Tipu, & Cho, Jinsoo. (2016). Methodology considering surface roughness in UV water disinfection reactors. Chemical Papers 70 (6), 777-792. (Impact Factor = 1.258)


[5] Sultan, Tipu and Jinsoo Cho. (2016). Optimization of a UV/H2O2 AOP System Using Scavenger Radicals and Response Surface Methodology. Chemical Engineering Communications 203, (8) 1093-1104. (Impact Factor = 1.297)


[6] Chaudhry A., Ishtiaq; Sultan, Tipu; Siddique, A., Furrukh; Farhan, M.; Asim, M.; (2016). The Flow Separation delay in Boundary Layer by induced Vortices. Journal of Visualization (http://dx.doi:10.1007/s12650-016-0396-0). (Impact Factor = 0.951)


[7] Ahmad, Zeshan, Sultan, Tipu, Zoppi, Matteo, Abid, Muhammad, & Jin Park, Gyung (2016). Nonlinear Response Topology Optimization using Equivalent Static Loads Case Studies. Engineering Optimization 50 (6), 1-17. (Impact Factor = 1.728)


[8] Ahmad, Zeshan; Sultan, Tipu; Asad, Muhammad; Matteo, Zoppi; Rezia, Miolfino (2018). Fixture Layout Optimization for Multi Point Respot Welding of the Sheet Metals. Vol. 32, Issue 2, PP. 1749-1760. Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology (JMST). (Impact Factor = 1.128)

[9] Sultan, Tipu; Chaudhry A., Ishtiaq; Ahmad, Zeshan; Khurram, Muhammad Shahzad; Ghauri, Moin-ud-dine; Rafiq, Sikandar; Jaffery, Mujtab Hussain (2018). Computational Analysis of Viscous Flow using Modified Sparse Point Representation Method. Journal of Engineering Technology (JOET) Vol. 6, Issue 1, PP. 435-451. (Impact Factor = 0.910)


(ii) International without Impact factor (SJR Listed)

[10] Sultan, Tipu; Ahmad, Zeshan; Anwar, Zahid; Khurram; Shahzad (2017). Impact of Asymmetric Lamp Positioning on the Performance of a Closed-Conduit Water Disinfection UV Reactor. Ain Shams Engineering Journal (


(iii) HEC Approved Pakistan Based without Impact factor


[11] Anwar, Zahid; Ahmed, Ishtiaq; Noor, Fahad; Ali, Zulfiqar; Imran, Shahid; Siyal, Shahid Hussain, Sultan, Tipu. (2014). Flow boiling heat transfer characteristics of R600a and R290 in vertical mini-channels. Journal of faculty of engineering & technology, 21(2), 177-189.


[12] Chaudhry A., Ishtiaq; Siddique, A., Furrukh; Sultan, Tipu; Zahid Mehmood, Kamran Muhammad. The penetration of oblique diesel sprays under hot bomb chamber conditions. Journal of faculty of engineering & technology Vol 24, No 1 (2017).


(iv) International Conference Papers


[1] Sultan, Tipu, & Cho, Jinsoo. (2014). CFD analyses of the Asymmetric Lamp Positioning for the Performance Improvement of a Closed-Conduit UV Reactor. 2014 ???????????? (Korea Fluid Machinery Association Conference), 379-379.


[2] Ghafoor, Imran; Kim, Sangwoo; Sultan, Tipu, & Lee, Dohyung. (2008). Convergence Acceleration of Navier-Stokes Equation using Adaptive Wavelet Method. ???????? 2008 ????????????????, 264-269.


(v) Atlas of Science Report Publication


Sultan, Tipu “Water Disinfection in an Open Channel using Computational Fluid Dynamics” (


Key Achievements

1)      Award of Pakistan government merit scholarship to pursue MS studies in South Korea (2008-2010)

2)      Award of Pakistan government merit scholarship to pursue Ph.D. studies in South Korea (2012-2016)

3)      A Report on “Water Disinfection in an Open Channel using Computational Fluid Dynamics” was published by Atlas of Science (

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